The Forma Pro is a online magazine featuring inspiring interviews with today’s artists and makers. Focusing on lifestyle, design, art, architecture, interior design and fashion.

The Team

The Forma Pro is published by a small, hard-working team based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We collaborate with a lot of talented contributors on magazine content. If you’re interested in collaborating, drop us an email.


Jerry Morris

Jack is a designer, photographer, speaker, author of a couple of books about Typography & the founder of photo magazine Camera. He’s also freelanced for JGP and Just Good Themes, and worked in editorial and social media for Maze of Minds publications and websites.
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Angela Wagner

Angela is a reporter at Forma magazine, where she writes about technology / design companies and the people they impact. She has been covering design and innovation for nearly 20 years. She’s a staunch defender of Minimalism.
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Jane Doe

Jane currently works as a writer for Forma, after having previously spent over three years at Curious magazine. Prior to becoming a professional blogger, Jane worked in I.T. across a number of industries, including banking, retail and software.
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