The Cutting Edge Architecture

This beautiful rough concrete house located in the small town of Besalu in the Ayora, Valencia region, Spain, has been designed by Fran Silvestre, a talented architectural firm from Spain.

Set in a sloping plain, the House allows its concrete exterior to show through without overwhelming the minimal interior. The house is hexagonal, allowing for a room layout that lends itself to eye-catching reveals. Warm wood floors and cabinets pair with white walls and exposed grey concrete to give the interior a cozy yet distinctly modern feel, while abundant windows let in plenty of natural light while providing views to the outdoors.

In this way the house is conceived as a piece deposited on the ground, engaging the unevenness. A piece constructed in the same white lime, with the same primacy of the massif over the span, that takes advantage of the edge of the lot to arrange its holes and to integrate in the fragmentation of the surroundings.

The interior space of the dwelling is articulated through the void in which is located the nucleus of communication arranged parallel to the cut of the mountain, without touching it. On the ground floor are the garage and the cellar, on this is arranged a volume of two floors with four rooms.

Not only is this visually striking architectural design, but it’s beautifully considered and practical for those who will experience this school on a daily basis.

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